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Carl Glassman is a photojournalist and documentary photographer whose work, spanning more than 40 years, has been published and exhibited internationally. He is the editor and co-founder of The Tribeca Trib, a publication covering Lower Manhattan. Glassman's photographs and photo essays for the Trib have won numerous awards from the New York Press Association and the National Newspaper Association. Before launching the Trib, Glassman regularly contributed to The London Times and The Miami Herald and his work has appeared in many other publications, including The New York Times, The New Yorker and Newsweek. For 13 years he taught photojournalism as an adjunct professor in New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.






















“The Russian Jews of Brighton Beach,” a two-year project documenting the (at the time) burgeoning immigrant community in Brooklyn. Widely exhibited in the U.S. as well as in Israel and published in Camera Arts magazine.


“Soho: A Picture Portrait”: A two-year project photographing street, commercial and gallery life of that neighborhood in its art-world heyday. Published as a book by that name in 1985 with one-person shows at OK Harris Gallery in New York and Photographer’s Gallery in London. 


“Child’s Play,” a two-year project documenting violent play, often with toy guns, in a local park. The work received a NYFA grant and was exhibited in the gallery of Dance Theater Workshop, New York City.


“Barbie and Child,” a study of the ubiquitous place of Barbie dolls in the life of a female toddler, shown at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. 


“Family Life” A series that documents, in sequential images: the life of an 8-week-old infant in day care; the television viewing life of a family; a day in the life of two preschool age children with working parents and their nanny.


“Mirrored Risings” A study, based at the World Trade Center site, that examined the new and often-fleeting imagery created by the glass curtain walls rising on the site. Appeared in the centerfold of The Tribeca Trib.


“Thinking Machines” A multi-media production pairing photographs of our smartphone obsessed culture with an original poem recited by Sarah V. Schweig. In cooperation with Poets House and published online at


"Driver’s Seat” Portraits of driver's and passengers. A photograph from this series was chosen by the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Museum of Art for “The National: Best Contemporary Photography 2015” and was further awarded a Juror’s Prize. The work was also shown at Front Art Space in New York City.



The 20th Anniversary Issue of The Tribeca Trib. Photographs and design by Carl Glassman, the publication's co-founder and editor as well as principal photojournalist.                    

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